Roof Inspection Services

The use of drone technology has transformed the area of roof inspection. Tasks which traditionally involved the expense and complication of scaffolding or mechanical equipment can now be carried out in a fraction of the time and cost, with no risk to human safety. 


Our deliverables are specific to your needs, with survey results available in the form of images, 4K high definition video footage, or a combination of both.


We can also provide formally produced survey reports which can be used to communicate findings to third-parties such as building/construction companies, insurers and financial institutions as required. Reports are tailored to suit exact customer needs. An example report documenting the findings of a roof survey can be viewed by clicking here (n.b. please note that address and client details have been changed for confidentiality). 

Further details on some examples of our services are shown below, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss a special project to suit your own specific needs. 

Chimney inspection

Example focus areas: Storm damage, chimney alignment, loose mortar, state of capping, vegetation growth

Five chmineys.JPG
Chimney #2.PNG
Chimney #3.PNG

Gutter inspection

Example focus areas: Blockages, debris build-up, obstructions, vegetation growth

DJI_0023 (2).JPG

Flat roof inspection

Example focus areas: Felt condition, fluid pooling, damage, debris build-up, leak points

DJI_0018 (2).JPG
Roof #2.PNG

Tile inspection

Example focus areas: Missing, broken or misaligned tiles.

Tile #2.PNG
Tile #3.PNG
Tile #1.PNG